Canyon ZCC at the DBR Heino Cup

MEN WMN League

Whilst all the focus might be on the Tour de Zwift, it's worth noting that the final race in the DBR Heino Cup happened last week. Sadly it is not a league we were able to commit to 100% as there was also an overlap with the Fusion League during some of the races last year.

Women's league

Regardless, we have to applaud DBR for running a women's specific league - something we do not see enough of. Norwegian Champion Kristin Falck put in a great innings and raced in all 8 stages securing a third place on the podium. With such a stacked field of female athletes this a great individual performance.

"The Heino Cup is a good example of how the general growth in the Zwift community is especially good for women. We now get to attend races like this with separate groups for the women, and we are seeing an increasing number of serious fighters on the startline ready to give it their all. So there is no more mercy and we love it that way", Kristin Falck.

Individual Women Rankings

  1. Cecilia Hansen (DBR / Heino)
  2. Vicky Nealon (BRT)
  3. Kristin Falck (Canyon)

Men's league

On the men's side, we still managed to get a solid result in the team standings despite not being able to participate fully and Alex West just missed out on an individual podium.

Elite Men Team Rankings

  1. DBR (Danish Bike Riders)
  3. p/b Enshored

Congrats to everyone that participated and thanks for Nathan Guerra over on Zwift Community Live for providing the live race coverage. We hope more people running league's will have a women's league - if you do, for sure you'll see us there!

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