THE COALITION: The new community division of Canyon Esports

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Today we are super excited to announce the formation of The Coalition - our new community club that is open to all. When we launched the team two years ago, we did so with the ambition of building the number one elite Eracing team in the world. On this front, we have seen huge success with wins in all the major eRacing tournaments including most recently taking the No. 1 in the world position after winning the men's Premier League on Zwift. This year, we also added a new pathway for junior riders aged between 16-23 year old with the introduction of our Development squad. The goal there is to help develop young talent and offer them the potential to move up into the senior ranks. Now with the introduction of The Coalition, we are offering a new pathway for riders of all ages.

The Coaltion will intially operate just like any other club registered on Zwiftpower. Anybody can sign up to join the club and make it their primary team on the platform. Furthermore, we hope to form teams within the community to race together in leagues such at the Zwift Racing League. So whilst our core focus will still be at the elite level in the Premier League with regards to our senior squad, we hope to see lots more racers at all levels and categories riding and racing together. With that, we will designate people within the community to become Road Captains to help organise the squads.

What we believe we will help make us stand out is the connection from Community to Pro squad and we hope to build some strong teams in The Coalition with whom we can potentially scout talent from. Rhys Howell, Team Manager for Canyon Esports had this to say about that prospect:

Building this kind of ecosystem feels like a very natural next step for the team. We never stand still and always want to evolve and bring more people into our environment. Running an elite level team with a very small squad is not without its complications, so we've been looking at better ways to identify talent and see how we might bring them through the system. As the Coalition grows, we'll certainly start to look there as well as within our Development squads for "home-grown" talent.

As an aside, I am personally excited by the prospects of being able to form a B Category team that I can also race in myself. I've really enjoyed the couple of races I did this season with a friend's team but I would love to do it under our own banner. I know there are many other riders who are not in the A+ category who also love to race and I often receive messages from people asking us to set up an amateur or master's squad - and now we can do that.

Something we also plan to bring further down the line are more offers and opportunites from our partners such as discounts on team kit and training plans - something that is already on offer to new members. We want this to be more than just a mailing list- it should be an active community that works and grows together.

We hope to gradually educate more people who are interested in getting into Eracing and work with those who are a bit more experienced to reach their full potential.

Want to join us? Then there are just two things that you need to do!

  1. Join our Facebook Group. Here is where we will organise all of our teams and grouprides.
  2. Add yourself to The Coalition on Zwiftpower. If you are already a member of another team or club then be sure to head to the "My Teams" tab in the top right and click 'Make CANYON COALITION by Primary team'. It is possible to be a member of multiple teams and switch between them as and when you want to race.

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