Canyon ZCC partner with InfoCrank to make 'dual-recording' the norm.


The team here at Canyon ZCC are delighted to announce the partnership with renowned powermeter company Verve Cycling who are the creators of the InfoCrank. Moving forwards all team bikes will be equipped with the company's powermeter - providing accurate power measurements for all of our online races. In addition to the powermeter, the team will also be supported with Verve's data-analytics software VINC which will allow them to gain greater insight into the rider's performance on the bike.

Rhys Howell, Team Manager of Canyon ZCC

"I spent a long time researching powermeter products before deciding that Infocrank was the right choice for us. Unlike all other cycling disciplines where the data is secondary; often utilised only after the race, the opposite is true of eRacing where the data is the race. So I had two criteria: I wanted the most accurate product I could find and I wanted the most bullet-proof product that couldn't suffer from miscalibration. I firmly believe we've found that product and are excited to be working closely with Verve both with their hardware and software to help make Canyon ZCC the most accurate team in eRacing."

Bryan Taylor, President of Verve Cycling says:

"As eRacing’s first professional team, Canyon ZCC has set themselves the highest of standards, and when Rhys reached out and articulated his vision we knew straight away that we had to be involved."

"Enabling the acquisition of consistently accurate and reliable cycling power data is everything we do at Verve Cycling and the InfoCrank has shown itself time and again to be the choice of those who are serious about the reliability of their numbers. The partnership is therefore a natural fit and we cannot wait to see the InfoCrank used by one of the strongest teams in the eRacing domain."

Together with the power reading for the team's Wahoo Kickr 18, the team will now be able to 'dual-record' - the new standard for ensuring a primary power source is accurate. Whilst not a foolproof solution, it is a step forward to ensuring riders are not riding miscalibrated equipment. The team has six core brand pillars - one of which is remove all variables. Dual-recording is not a requirement for races at the moment but we have always had a view of taking a leading role and will be the first team in eRacing wereby every rider has the same primary and secondary source - setting the new standard for transparency and verification. You will be able to find the recordings uploaded to Zwiftpower.

The InfoCrank records true left and right power balance, pedal smoothness, torque effectiveness and cadence. It measures each leg independently and accurately throughout the pedal stroke, regardless of crank velocity. Unlike other power meters, the InfoCrank has no drift, it is not temperature sensitive and there is no need for constant calibration.

We have updated our Transparency manifesto as well as our internal guidelines to reflect these changes. We look forward to seeing more teams and riders following suit. Together we can make our sport fairer for all and ultimately, more enjoyable to both participate in and watch.

Photo gallery

Steve Young was one of the first riders to tests the new Infocrank setup

Close up of Infocrank on team-issued Canyon Aeroad

First dual-recording session with the new Infocrank

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