Canyon ZCC bring the noise!


Cyclists aren't renowned for having great tastes in music but luckily for you, we're not normal cyclists. Nobody wants to race to the whining of pop-stars, glam rockers or worse.... Snow Patrol! So we put together a playlist of some ruffneck drum & bass tunes to match the pace and ferocity of an eRace. Our team has always been inspired by rave culture: from the kits to the photoshoots, to the music we race to. Even if this isn't to your usual taste, we can guarantee you it'll help you squeeze some extra watts out simply by drowning out the screaming coming from your legs.

So stick this playlist on next time you enter the pen!


If you want to listen to the playlist in the Spotify web player then click here.

We'll be sure to add some more playlists over time - the biggest probem is that most of the early rave music from the 90s isn't on Spotify. However, we have a few interesting ideas of how we can bring the energy of music to your future races. Stay tuned for more!

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