Join the Canyon Esports Women's team!


We are inviting female riders to apply for a position in our team for 2021. Since our launch back in January 2019 we have strived to be the best team in eRacing. This was something that we quickly achieved; winning both the men's and women's inaugural Zwift Community Leagues. However, as the men's team has gone on to continue to dominate at the top of the sport, our women's squad has suffered with numerous personnel changes: either moving on to the Women's World Tour, focusing on winning a national championship title or to follow other personal goals. This, paired with an ever growing peloton of strong women has meant we have not been able to perform at the level we would like.

So for 2021, we want to strengthen our squad with some new riders looking to raise the bar. After the huge success of our Development Squad application process, we thought it would make sense to offer the same opportunity for senior riders to apply to us directly. It's critical that we are only speaking to riders who really want to be on our team and are willing to dedicate their time and energy into the squad. We've also made it so that all applications will be regarded as strictly confidential, as moving teams can be a contentious issue.

Current Norwegian Zwift National Champion and women's squad captain Kristin Falck had this to say:

When the opportunity to join an Esports racing team opened up, almost two years ago now, I was thrilled! This offered both a chance to be part of a pioneering project, but also to become part of the community that a team offers. I am really excited to see how the woman's squad can grow and develop in the new year. I look forward to having new teammates around in that same colourful kit of ours; and to have more riders to plan training together, race together, and to share the enthusiasm (and pain!) with.

In addition to this, we are also looking for a DS to specifically support the women's team in their races. If this would be of interest to you, then please drop us a message on our Instagram.

What do our riders get?

We offer our riders an unparralled package to support them in their racing endeavours. Not only does this mean that our riders have everything they need to race at the highest level but also means the entire team rides on the same equipment - making it easier to adhere by our own Transparency guidelines. Top-tier racing is becoming more and more demanding, not just from a physical standpoint but from a technological one also. We give the riders the support they need so they can focus on the racing.

  • Canyon bike
  • Canyon eRacing jersey, bibs and skinsuit
  • Wahoo Kickr trainer, Headwind fan, Tickr heatrate monitor, and mat
  • Infocrank powermeter
  • CeramicSpeed BB bearings, Oversized Pulley Wheel System & Chain
  • Nuun hydration package
  • TrainingPeaks premium account
  • eRacing-specific coaching
  • Plus more

If this sounds like an interesting proposition to you then please do send in your application and you could be starting in our team colours in 2021. We will be aiming to issue new contracts in December so that new riders are ready to race with us starting January 1st 2021. Applications should be no later than 4th December 2020.


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