James Phillips chats to Matt Rowe on the Zwift PowerUp podcast

Podcast James Phillips

It seems to be the month for podcasts! Hot on the heels of our own podcast is the Zwift podcast with Matt Rowe. He chats to fellow Welshman and Canyon ZCC sprinter James Phillips about being British National Champion, the tactics for racing on Zwift and what the hell does 'ZCC' actually stand for? (Everybody knows it stands for 'ZombieNation Club Classic', but really it can mean whatever you like - we're not precious).

You can listen to the podcast and if you want to skip to James' interview then it begins at 14:45 and lasts for around 25 minutes.

And if you want to see James' last win then you don't have to look far to see his epic sprint in the first round of the Kalas Cup.

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